Identifying your Project Constraints By Jairo Alvarez

Project Constraints can be stressful as a project manager since they can take quite a while to overcome but, it is something that one must manage right as a project manager. Some typical constraints that project manager have to deal with include:

  1. Scope 
  2. Schedule 
  3. Cost
  4. Quality
  5. Risk 
  6. Resources

The scope constraint focuses on what will be done and is expected from the sponsor of the project. The Scheduling Focus on the timeline of the project while the cost focuses on the constraint on the cost of the project. Then, the quality side of the constraint is worried about the exact quality that is required for accomplishing the project. Risk is a constraint where one must outweigh what can possibly go wrong and managing it. Finally, Resources requires to figure out what resources you need to finish the project. 

The true realty is every project is constrained in some way and it is important as a project manger to anticipate and plan right for these constraints in order to have a successful project.