Project Management Ethics By Jairo Alvarez

Ethics is simply defined as what is right and wrong. Ethics play a big role in business and especially in Project managment .

Most would be surprised but, project managers are consistently faced with an ethical dilemma at some point. It is a very demanding position so it is almost bound to happend to have some awareness when making such a decision. For example, in order to receive the PHP Certification the applicant must agree  to the PMP code of Ethics and professional code. 

There are many ways of course to that can help a project manager make the right decision when it comes to a situation that they may question their ethicalness. Three effective ways that can help with this questions is


1.A project manager should and always  protect the interest of the stakeholders. 

2. Being responsible and honest through the lifecycle of the project.

3. Being fair and having high sense of integrity.


Following these 3 simple tips when faced with an ethical dilemma as a project manager can be very beneficial and useful in your profession. We all face ethical situations so it is important to be aware when making an ethical decsions  as a project manager.