Importance of Project Management Office and Top Management Commitment By Jairo Alvarez


A Project Management office and or PMO, is simply s an organizational entity created to assist project managers in achieving project goals. What are some agendas from PMO you may be asking? Well, there is a variety of goals from PMO But 3 important goals that are very key for  PMO Agendas include:


  1. Research, develop, and share best practices in project management
  2. Provide project management consulting services
  3. Collect, organize, and integrate project data for the entire organization


As A project manager, it is important to have a support system to help one accomplish the project. PMO does exactly just that. However is that enough?  Unfortunately, not. It takes Top Management commitment as well  to assist project managers.


It is very true. Usually projects fail without top management commitment aka champions. They help Project managers with mentoring and coaching, Approving unique project needs, supporting the PMO system but most importantly providing the resources for a project manager. PMO and Top management commitment ultimately are interconnected to one another and will most likely contribute success for a project manager.