Brief overview of the Initiating Process Groups by Jairo Alvarez

The initiating Process is the first step to Project Process Groups. In this step the whole point is to take initiatives to begin the project and project phases that are involved. The preplanning stage has already been created by senior management and it is the job for the PM to initiate the project.  Some of the tasks involved in the initiating process include:

  • Identifying  stakeholders:
  •  Defining the initial project scope
  • Committing initial financial resources
  • Identifying  stakeholders
  • Appointing the project manager
  • Tracking the  information in the stakeholder register and project charter

These are just some of the Key points and tasks of course in beginning the initiating process. This will help you to a great start in initiating the project however, it should be noted that in the initiating process one must complete a project charter and assumption log that will ultimately hold the kickoff meeting to stakeholders. 

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